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New Access Control Solutions for Sliding Door Security

Sliding doors contribute to beautifully designed spaces that enable wider access points and streamlined paths of travel.

When electronic access control is required for sliding doors, INOX offers the PD97 series to provide secure access control solutions with support for touchless operation.

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INOX Hospitality and Multifamily2022

Hospitality & Multifamily

When artful design meets precision technology and craftsmanship, the result is a world-class product.

The Inox brand is an extensive product line of residential and commercial door hardware solutions serving the multi-family, hospitality and healthcare industries.


INOX TL7 Magnetic Latch

Thanks to the marvel of magnetism, the bolt stays in the door until the door is closed, and then the bolt is instantly pulled into the strike with a powerful Rare Earth magnet - no visible strike is required, making this ideal for invisible or flush-to-wall doors.

How the BD4000 privacy barn door lock works

BD4000 privacy barn door lock with concealed jamb mounting provides a functional and beautiful solution for barn door privacy or for door renovation and remodeling; check out this video and see how it works.



How to install the BD1000 Surface Mount Privacy Barn Door Lock

The INOX BD1000 Barn Door Lock is the first and only surface-mounted barn door lock that is easy and quick to install. The BD1000 is activated by a one-touch thumb lever and includes an ADA option.

PD97 electrified lock for sliding doors provide secure and touchless solutions

INOX PD97 keyless electronic sliding door lock combines smart door lock capabilities with electrical or electronic door lock features to provide the best keyless sliding door lock solution for commercial & residential applications.

How to lock a frameless barn door? - WS90 Wall Strike

INOX WS90 surface-mounted wall strike provides an effective, aesthetic exterior sliding barn door lock solution that enables sliding and barn doors to surface latch; the unique design ensures maximum strength and tamper-resistant security.

INOX PD2000 TwistLock™ Edge Pull & Privacy Pocket Door Lock

The amazing PD2000 TwistLock™ edge pull / privacy pocket door lock is the industry's first combination of a spring-loaded, integrated edge pull that then rotates to convert into a lock bolt. The product's patent-pending design offers maximum strength and durability, making it ideal for sliding pocket doors.

Installing an INOX mortise lock with X Series lever

INOX MC mortise locks with X Series trim provide commercial construction capabilities for exterior applications. Cycle tested 1 million times, the mortise lock body and trim include a lifetime mechanical warranty. Watch the video and check the complete installation steps for INOX X Series mortise lock sets.

How to reverse a mortise lock with toggle button

Want to reverse a mortise lock with a toggle button from left to right, or right to left? Just check this quick video. Change handing? Remove catch screw on the chassis facing the outside for the outside lever. Change latch bolt handing? Remove armor front, remove catch screw on the latch, pull latch out and reverse direction and set screw back. Reinstall armor front.

Installing INOX levers with pre-roses

Decorative rosette covers concealed fixtures and provide a clean and elegant design esthetics. Spring supported lever enhance the durability and life cycle of a door lever set. This leads to several INOX levers require a pre-rose installation. and here's a handy and quick how-to video to help you install them easily with a minimum of stress.

How to install vertical dummy door lever handles

Here's the quickest way to install vertical dummy door lever handles with a pre-fab dummy kit. 




How INOX MicroArmor antimicrobial door hardware works

Unlike disinfectants, which provide a limited residual activity once the treated surface dries, the integrated antimicrobial technology used by MicroArmor works continuously to minimize microbe presence throughout the entire lifecycle of a treated surface.