TL7 Rare Earth Magnetic "Stealth" Latch

A leap forward designed for frameless or flush-to-wall doors, the TL7 latch uses powerful neodymium magnets to lock or latch the door; no lips or visible strikes! Pairs with any design INOX lever in interior sets.

PD97 Electric Mortise Sliding Door Lock

A great new locking solution for restricted areas that need to limit the touchpoints on door hardware, the PD97 can automatically engage or retract the bolt with no need to touch lock or handle using a quiet built-in stepper motor.

The World of INOX

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At INOX, we are thrilled to introduce the PD9000 family of sliding door locks with tough Grade 1 X Series trim for mechanical integrity and strength. The PD95 provides an entry locking function for security and code compliance; the award-winning PD96 self-latching, auto-locking door lock provides a one-product solution for multiple function capabilities, and the PD97 combines smart lock capabilities with the industry's first motor-driven electro-mechanical mortise lock for sliding doors Email us for details.

Beautifully designed spaces contribute to a Healthcare facility's ability to provide top quality care and enhanced patient experience. INOX designs and manufactures a family of specially-designed locks that enable wider access points, open concept spaces, and streamlined travel paths whilie meeting all clinical and security requirements.

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